About LDK Logistics

About LDK Logistics

LDK Logistics is a non-asset based Logistics Management company founded on the principle that exceptional service must be innovative, flexible, flawless and exceed expectations.

LDK Logistics provides Exceptional Service.

We are the Inside Delivery Agent of choice for the most discerning customers, be it High Tech Computer, Medical Equipment, Telecommunications, Retail, Kiosks, Display, Trade Show or other High Value / High Visibility items and situations. Our skills in planning and execution of complex White Glove, non-dock deliveries are regularly trusted and tested by those who know best.

Rather than using national agreements, agents are individually evaluated and selected to provide the “best of the best” in terms of complete and deep national coverage. In this way we are uniquely positioned to apply the right tools for each specific service.

The entire system is managed and controlled by our Logistics Professionals and our proprietary tracking system. Tracking is proactive and specific to each event. Central Customer Service, training, experience and a systems approach guarantees that your service is well managed.

Why should you choose LDK?

  1. Convenience. Our network is established, tried and tested. There is no learning curve. Why let the delivery, a critical time in customer contact, to chance with possibly unqualified, inexperienced delivery people?
  2. Variable Cost Basis. Your costs with LDK are shipment based and variable. Avoid the fixed costs of in house Customer Service, Management and Training.
  3. Experience. Our team understands the unique requirements of these specialized services. Knowledge, relationships and respect for the importance of this critical step in the supply chain has been built over many years.
  4. Leverage. Our system is designed to leverage the combined volume of many customers to obtain the best service at the best rates tailored to each clients needs.

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