Padded Van Transportation

Padded Van Transportation

Your freight that needs special care as it is in transit is safe with us. We care about and are experienced with the transportation needs of High Value Products that typically don’t come in crated, foam protected, mass produced containers. Our systems ensure use of only the highest quality equipment and sets the very highest standards for care in the transportation of these important commodities.

Padded van service eliminates the need for extensive packaging.

Velvet Glove Service is another benefit of padded van service, with inside pick up and inside delivery you don’t need a shipping & receiving department, you need only have your product ready to ship. This service is especially well suited to recovery of collateral for trade show events and delivery or recovery of product in computer room environments.

When customers need the transit of their goods to be handled with extra care and sensitivity, padded van service is the solution of choice. This is a premium service designed to transport electronics, furniture, machinery and other fragile commodities.

This keeps damage, loss and mis-shipping to a minimum. If you are shipping uncrated displays and/or machines, padded van is the ONLY way to ship. All shipments are blanket-wrapped and ride in air-cushioned trailers. Vans will guarantee delivery of your shipment on time and in good condition.


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